“Bahut Hui” Rajneeti

One of the most awaited movies of 2010, Rajneeti got a mixed bag in terms of audience response, though the movie boasts of a very strong star cast and a rather big budget, it doesn’t deliver neat punches and is a trifle clumsy at tackling the complex fabrics of Indian politics.The over emphasis on internal party politics and the ignorance of the politics of the masses is also a sore point in the movie.

Katrina Kaif-  A definite improvement in her hindi diction. Maybe someday soon, directors woudn’t have to rely on building NRI backstories to be able to explain her brit accent. Her acting still needs chiselling and she could have been given some more screen time at the end but overall an above expectations performance. though that might be because Kaif has hardly served as more than eye candy in her earlier movies.

Ranbir Kapoor- Sartorial layout is extremely good, the clothes add strength to Kapoor’s character. Ranbir has pulled off a strong performance as the sombre brooding youngster, conniving and contemplating his next moves in the political chess.

Manoj Bajpai- Acting as always, is excellent. Clothes however are disappointingly loud. One can ill afford to wear silk in the unforgiving Indian Summer months. As far as the kerchief hanging from the breastpocket of his jacket is concerned, as Jerry Seinfeld says, why proudly display a snot rag?

Arjun Rampal- Weak performance, not because he lacks the acting skills, but because his voice doesnt have the rugged feeling of having grown up in the rural belt, the rugged timbre is found lacking and leaves his character a tad incomplete.

Ajay Devgn-  His portrayal of a rural Dalit Leader is slightly disappointing, but only because he has given extraordinary performances in  Gangajal and Apaharan and a comparison though unfair, comes naturally to mind..

The strong points:

1. Crowd Control- Forget about making them act, just being able to manage such huge rally crowds in a movie is a big deal, add to that the dangerous cocktail of starry tantrums, irregular shootings & having to manage more than a handful of acting heavyweights.

2. Thankfully, no attempts at Desi Item Numbers, a refreshing change and a definite area of improvement even when compared to stellar movies like Gangajal.

The Goof Ups

1.The average voter is shown to have no brains at all, portrayed as the the proverbial cattle, who herd around political leaders, who in turn are being assasinated with mechanical regularity. Also, the assasination sequences are too predictable, one can almost countdown to the second when the bomb is going to blow off.

2.The Hindi subtitles are mundane and even irrelevant at times, It would have made more sense for Mr. Jha to have avoided English altogether, or to atleast have tried to avoid angrezi in the scenes where Ranbir’s firangi girfriend wasn’t involved.

Case in point

F@#k     is  subtitled as   “Bahut Hua”. Either this is a comical attempt at censorship or it is a sad day for the Hindi language.

3. The movie smashes statistical probability reports of impregnation during the act of sexual intercourse to bits, all female actors are pregnant at one time or the other in the movie. If conceiving was this fool proof, the National Population Register would have run out of stationery long ago.

4. Two words, “Too long”


  1. ankita said,

    June 9, 2010 at 2:34 am

    Although i liked the movie, i thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog.may be its because i just returned from the movie and iam still into it or because i had thought of similar drawbacks .
    And yes I beg to disagree to your statement about Arjun Rampal.He ws gud :)..

    • Sidhanth said,

      June 9, 2010 at 1:43 pm

      Well, no denying Arjun Rampal might please some, my only contention was that he wasn’t convincingly rural.

  2. Sajal said,

    May 29, 2011 at 3:05 pm

    points 2 and 3 in weakness are fascinating…great writeup I must say…

    anyway my comment on some place on 6th april 2010 (day this film released):

    My fav performance ws of Nana…hardly 10-15 dialogues in the movie,still his expressions..his smile…the body language…I had once heard “ek achha actor sirrf mooh se nahi poore body se bolta hai”

    Manoj Bajpayee ws great…karara jawaab milega…wat dialogue delivery…

    Ajay devgan’s character is nt that well developed…especially 2nd half…his acting though is convincing as always

    really dissapointed at the fact that Naseer Sir hardly had a role…ws so desperately waiting fr him to come back…

    Arjun Rampal gives a strong performance…exceeded my expectations…will do his career a world of good dis role
    Katrina gives a descent performance…and its st time that I didnt hate her acting…she was definitely ok

    Ranbir is a lambi race ka ghoda…the next superstar…..

    the love scene of Shruti ws indeed cut…and while watchin d scene u can kind of observe dis fact(that kuchh edit kiya gaya hai udhar)

    those who havent seen…do observe

    the character of SHAKUNI is missing in the film.,..and thus the KAURAVS [Manoj] team looks weak
    I second that Sir….this is exactly wt i felt…also everyone has felt dat role of Ajay wsnt that well written!!

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