A “Spot” of Bother !

The day dawned with a hint of mist in the surroundings, both in the sky and in the minds of the people, the mist of anticipation. The air was so tense that one could cut through the tension with a knife…… Blah Blah Blah……. sometimes the romantic in me starts forgetting that the mysticles of nature must kowtow to the msteries of human ambition, we are talking of Day Zero Placements after all!

 The placement system in a B School is often considered to be constipated by design, archaic and irrational, but it does leave an impact and some of the eccenricities do linger with the humourist, such as:

The “Short” List

True to the name, these company GD and interview shortlists are just too short.  And I am sure any of the Statistics Aficionados would confirm, almost completely random. Though of course, there are certain gifted individuals who cracked these lists without much trouble.

The Magicians

Those who were getting shortlisted at will, and spent most of their time running around from one process to another. They gave the Placecommers Maximum Headache per Capita (Apart from the companies, of course).

The MDI  “Mara”thon

Placecom seems to have a highly skewed exercising regime, it is fuelled by Oily Food from Arcus throughout the year and finally sheds it all off in this week when it can be seen running around all over the campus searching for certain people who cracked the code of being in those elusive “shortlists”. The only other exercise they get is for their vocal cords from having to scream at us in order to whip us into shape.

“Psycho” Metric?

What does this devil of a test essentially want to find out? I shall never be able to fathom this complex maze of seemingly innocuous set of questions (which, for the record, I have never been able to crack).

“Tied” to the Suit

Having worn our suits to death for each and every process, PPT and Pre Process, our suits were filthier than the Commonwealth Games Balance Sheet. All our suits, put together in a heap would have enough toxic power to be classified as a Weapon of Mass Destruction.

The Aqua “Fine” Na??

“Attention to Detail”, an often faffed about quality in most of our forms and interviews does actually apply to the process; it is important to massage the ego of companies on campus, they must get the right brands of food and water or else they get offended. I just thank god that we don’t get too many consumer electronics companies or else we would probably have to start changing the ACs in rooms for different companies to conduct their processes.

From the TATA HR quip of placements being a bit of a Pushkar to the reality of the effectiveness of ” ek aur job ke liye push kar” . It is the dielectics of the mental and the physical that make them the event that they are.

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  1. Anandh Sundar said,

    July 4, 2012 at 6:34 pm

    Very nice post especially the headings and all!

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