Plumbing a Blogger’s Block

Blogging is a hobby as much as it is an art, and while one has to respect the sporadic nature of artistic brilliance, one cannot completely ignore the power of the routine that is quintessential to a strong hobby.
It is more out of the need to comply with the latter than the former that I write this piece. As always, I keep it observational and hypothetical wherever applicable
The Pee Stall Principle

Pee Stalls are supposed to be state of the art now, gone are the days when they were  water hungry porcelain tanks with that errant jet of water from the flush spraying all over you
Now they come with anti bacterial cubes, these cubes supposedly save 15,000 litres of water a yr,or was it 150,000 litres?? The noble cause is praiseworthy, the medium is questionable,Anti Bacterial Cubes ? Alternative medicine suggests that Urine is Anti-Bacterial and anti fungal and anti septic, what exactly are these cubes trying to achieve here. Are we trying to beat the tree with the stick, Isn’t it better if we just hung a few deodorizers in the restroom.
Locus Maxima
“n” no of pee stalls, two people, both will, in most cases,  occupy the extreme ends leaving maximum space in between.

5 pee stalls: 3 men: Alternate Occupancy again to create the maximum gap possible between each other

One can do infinite permutations and combinations, man’s need  to feel a sense of solitude. and the need for space does come through starkly here.

‘Basin’ Instincts
Mankind has progressed well, but in the process it has also created some frivolity in the name of technological development, the camera clad wash basin is one such example,the twist on twist off faucet was way to complicated, so we had to go ahead and create something which requires us to practically pantomime near the faucet for the water to start flowing.
As per recent advice, switching over to shorter and hopefully more frequent posts.