Bloat Us Notes

  About 9 months into the corporate realm and emails have become a way of life. The unread mail symbol on  blackberry is notorious by its presence at all points of time in the day. With routine comes pattern and  some of the more noticeable patterns to the act of reading and writing emails that come to mind include:-
The “As Discussed” Reference
An oft used phrase in emails, this is an attempt to create a background (or the illusion of one) to the email. This “discussion” may also be the figment of the senders imagination, and even if the “discussion” has happened the materiality of the discussion can vary from being a long tiring detailed one to a fleeting glance of understanding (or misunderstanding) between colleagues.
To CC, or  Not to CC ?
Who is relevant to an email conversation and who is nor can often be a tricky question to answer, thus people just take the easy way out, mark everyone they know, and their neighbors.
Most of the people in any email with a large mailing list have no idea of how to make head or tail of the content of the email and why they are a part of the mailing list in the first place.
The CCs unscrupulous cousin,the BCC can add new variables to this electronic tango.
The Mail Signature Saga
The excruciatingly long email signatures which get into the minutiae of the senders personal details, some of these signatures probably have more information than their passports.
The “Thanks & Regards” Irony
One faux pas with the use of the auto mail signature addition option in the mail client is that some of the nastiest mails can have these follow up polite signatures.
So, in essence a mail could typically mean ‘Screw you. and by the way, Thanks & Regards’
 The Description Derivative
Any email and how descriptive it is, is a function of the time of the day and the day of the week when the mail is sent out. The
mails start becoming curt, most of the times to comical extents as we deviate from business hours and as we move into weekends, there is a trend shift in the average number of characters in a mail body.
Lets Look at some examples,
Monday, 10 30 AM:
Dear XYZ,
Please find attached the report on the company’s performance
in the last quarter. I would be grateful if you could revert back
to confirm if this information will suffice in your analysis.
Wednesday 7 00 PM:
 “Dear XYZ,
Please find attached the report.
Friday 9 00 PM:
Dear XYZ,
Saturday 8 PM
PFA (and the sender forgets to attach the report to boot)